My 100 word challenge

I woke up one night hearing a strange noise.I looked out the window to a frightening sight. A giant cucumberwas standing outsde.i was so suprised i fell out my window. looked up. The cucumber got closer and closer till we were nearly  face to skin. I with fell into blackness i woke up lying on the ground with two shadows infront of me. It was my mum and dad i went inside to grab somthing to eat but all we had was cucumber i shuddered. I only got 82 words

The Minataur Quest


                                                     The Minotaur Quest


We went to the botanical gardens and watched a play called the Minataur Quest it was very entertaining.

Our parliment

Yesterday our class did a roll play on  Australian government.First we set up the desks in a circle with the speacker at the front and the prime minister and the leader of the oppisition in the middle.I was the police minister and the government backbencher in the senite it was reay fun