answers to some questions about blogging

Why did you join the blogging challenge?

Because i wanted to learn more about blogging.


What do you hope some of the activities include?

Going onto others blogs.
Finally, what do you hope to get out of the challenge by the end of the ten weeks?

that i learn more about blogs and blogging

2 thoughts on “answers to some questions about blogging

  1. Hi Oliver my name is Tyler and I read and liked your blog. First I joined because I had to for school. Second I think going on to other peoples blogs is fun too. Last but not least I hope I learn more about blogs than I do now. I hope you will visit my blog and leave a comment at

  2. Hello Oliver, They are some great answers to some questions from the Student Blogging Challenge. I also hope that I learn more about blogging by the end of the 10 weeks. I actually have already!!! What have you learned about in blogging since the start of the challenge? Please comment telling me.
    From Joseph

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