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  1. Hello Oliver, this is your Blogging Challenge mentor back again.

    I enjoyed reading your “The See through Man” story. It’s a wonderful creation. Storybird certainly helps a student be creative with presenting their work. This also fits in well with Challenge 5 of the Blogging Challenge.

    Well done!

    Have you been able to visit the blogs of others in the challenge? Some have great ideas you might find fun.

    One of the boy’s I mentor, named Ethan, lives in the US. He is also making good progress on the Challenge. He lets everyone know what activity and challenge he completes. Here is his link if you would like to see…


    For all the latest information on “Student Blogging Challenge”, you can go to…


    I’ve just noticed the latest Challenge 7 has been added. It’s asking you to be creative in Art, Writing, Music and Audio, Science, Animation and Variety. There are 6 activities available in this latest challenge.

    Remember, you can always contact me if you need any help by leaving a message on the blog I set up for the Challenge…


    Keep blogging.

    Ross Mannell (your Blogging Challenge mentor)
    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  2. Hello Oliver I really like your storybird it looks really good and I like were they fall in the hole From Alex

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